Monday, February 11, 2013

Electric Run, San Diego

Last weekend, I was able to run the Electric Run, in San Diego.  A few friends from high school, college, and church joined in.

We had a lot of fun.  Most of us have done the Color Run before and loved it, but for some reason we just had soooo much fun doing this race.  Even though a friend lost her license on the course!

It was held at night, so that we could be seen in all of our glow stick, bracelet, necklace, and glasses glory!  It did rain a bit, but spirits were high.

It was neat, because we got to run on the actual race track at Del Mar race track. fairgrounds!

We got these bright bracelets as part of our race fee.

We got to run through some of the buildings, I think this is where live stock is kept for the fair.

Arches of glowy-ness!

The finish line!

The Palm Springs Half Marathon

Fourteen weeks ago, I started a running club at my school.  This is something I had wanted to do for a while, because I enjoy running and I thought my students would truly benefit, since we do not have sports at our school.  It is completely focused on academics.

I was the coach and I trained 10 students and seven went on to run the Palm Springs Half Marathon yesterday.

I was able to work with a non-profit organization that provided new running shoes to students that did a required amount of runs and the organization also paid their entry fee to the race.

The students really enjoyed the race and they seemed pretty excited about their accomplishment!

I am proud of all of them, because when we first started, they had a hard time even running/ walking for 20 minutes.  Now, they have gone 13.1 miles!