Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Future Jobs

Here is a list of jobs that I am interested in, in addition to teaching:

1.  Book cover designer.

2.  Children's book author, or illustrator

3. Non- profit for the Homeless (getting them back into society, etc.)

4.  Non- Profit after school art program

I hope that I can dabble in some of these!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Live United.

Every day as I drive to work, I pass a couple of billboards.  They simply state, "Different by nature, united by mission".  Everyday, I am intrigued and vow that I will find more information about them... everyday I forget.

When reading a magazine the other day, I found an ad, and it was the same as the billboards.  It turns out, that they are all part of United Way.  Pretty cool!

I think it is always important to find an organization that has been around for a while and see that they are still doing great work, after all of these years.  United Way started in 1887 and is still going strong.

As an avid reader and educator, I am very excited to see that to this day, education is a main priority of theirs.

Check out their site:  United Way. Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Live United.

How are you going to live united?

I know I am going to check out their stuff and I am for sure getting a Christmas ornament or two for friends and family... which will help support their work in 41 countries world wide!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Czech Republic

I am going to be going on a mission trip to the Czech Republic in July, with my church.  I am co-leading the team with our new young adults pastor.  We will be leading an English camp in Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic for high school students and young adults.  In order to raise funds we are doing several things.

1.  Baskets at a silent auction.  My basket is not a basket, because I do not like the idea of spending a bunch of money to make money.

2.  Community service (cleaning churches, homes, etc.)  We will be working at the paintball course at Camp Pendleton for 4 hours in a month.  We are looking for more opportunities like this.

3.  Support letters.  I am sending out 62 letters to family and friends.

I believe that the money will come in, but it is hard waiting for it to come in.  At times it can become very stressful.  I remember this from my mission trip to Brasil, just after my senior year at Azusa Pacific University.

Take a peek at my 'basket'

This piece will be up for auction, starting at $25.
I really want to keep this for myself! 

This piece no longer exists, because it became the piece below.

This piece will also be on auction for $25.

I will also have a couple of pies up for auction and some other baked goods.  I will have a list of sweets that people can purchase and have them delivered to them at a certain time throughout the year.  I think this will work well for birthdays, holidays, etc.

Here's to good/ fun fundraising!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Book in Review: Treasure Island


At first, I was really excited to read this book.  It promised of grand sea adventures!  And, for a while the book was following that path.  Aside from the language, I was really enjoying the story.  However, there is a line drawn in the book, where there is so much talk about the ship and specific parts of what makes the ship run.  This side of the ship is this, and that side of the ship is that.  I was lost and to be honest I tried to skim really quickly across these parts.  This most likely means that I missed something.

Why so much talk about the ship itself?  I want to hear about swashbuckling pirates... drinking rum, singing a sad sea song or two!  This is what I automatically think of when I hear the word Pirate.  While this book definitely touched base on many of those items listed above, I expected more.

The beginning and end of this classic tale are its strongest parts.

I had to read it, because it set the standard for all Pirate stories to follow.

I liked it, but I did not love it.

I found this image on google.

2 out of 5 stars, It was ok

Friday, March 2, 2012


Driving home yesterday, I saw a car that had tags from 1999.  It got me thinking about that year and what I was up to.

In the year 1999 I:

Was a huge NSYNC fan

Had never been out of the country

Had never been on a plane

Was not driving yet

Finished my freshman year of high school well

Started my sophomore year, a little wiser

Was still living on the mountain and did not foresee moving

Rocked out to Prince's 1999

Still played soccer

Knew almost everyone one the mountain because I had known them and their families since I was in the first grade

Hung out with my Grandma, because then, she was very much alive and well

Still did not get along with my brother

Hadn't met many of my closest friends

Had dreams of seeing the world, with no idea of what to expect

Loved the color green

Could still ride my bike to my best friend Nicki's house

Enjoyed hikes in the forest

Liked hearing the Blue Jays, Crickets, Squirrels... nature in general

Loved the fresh air

Embraced all four seasons

Danced around like a hippie

Sang 24/7

Laughed a lot

Still attended church, with the same pastor that baptized me in the 2nd grade

Didn't know that my brother was my half brother, yet

Got my first CD player

I am sure so many other things, but that is all I can think of at the moment.

What were you doing in 1999?