Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bachelorette Paaaaarrrrrtay!

One of my best friends is getting married in the beginning of April.  I mean the very beginning, as in the first.  Ha ha.  I started planning the bachelorette party months and months ago.  Luckily another one of my best friends jumped on board and help me create the most fun night that any of us have ever had!

The time put into this event, and the aggravation that came along with it at some moments was well worth it.  I truly believe that everyone in attendance had a fantastically fun and wild time!

Nicki and I made sashes for everyone, from the Entourage to the Lady of the Night!

We started the night with dinner at Bj's Brewhouse and Restaurant.  We had great service and they even gave Tamara a birthday pazookie to celebrate.  We didn't even have to ask for it.  During the dinner, Nicki had us open our giftbags.  They were filled with cool stuff like pink shot glasses, mints, Bar Bingo, a scavenger hunt list that she and I created, penis suckers, a 80s dance mix, etc.  They went over really well.

We then transported Tamara to the next destination and because every place was a surprise, she had to be blind folded.  It was fantastic.  Boy was Tamara excited when the blind fold came off and she saw that we were at a Chippendales show.  Hooray!  Wow... I think that is all that I can/ want to say about this.  We all had never been to anything like that before and it was wild!!  Tamara got carried onto the stage by one of the Chippendales and was part of the act with two other ladies.  She may or may not have been hit in the eye by a Chippendale's junk.  Ha ha.  I will let you decide that one.   Needless to say, we all had fun there.

At the end of the show we got inline to take our photo with the guys.  I had read that Bridal parties get a free photo, which was great when we heard that they were charging $20 per person!!  Highway robbery!  When we heard this price, we paid for Tamara to get in a photo and another one of the ladies paid to join her, but then the photo tech let us all in, because, as he said, "It would be no fun for the Bride without her friends."  Truer words were never spoken!

On to stage 3:  We went to the Gaslamp quarter (district) and made our way to The Double Deuce.  That was one of 6 places we wanted to go, but we ended up just staying there.  We got there around 11pm and then after what seemed like 10 minutes, it was 2:30 am and they were kicking us out.  There was dancing, a fun scavenger hunt that Nicki and I put together.  It had things on it like:  Have a guy serenade you, get a piggy back ride from a stranger, dance with two guys at once, who don't know each other, find a guy with a bald head and rub it, etc.  Man oh man, what a hoot!

As soon as we got downstairs, a guy pushed past me and Tamara, to Nicki.  He said, "What is your name?"  Nicki replied, "Nicole."  Guy now known as Steven said, "You are so beautiful."  Then we didn't see Nicki again, because Steven took her away, danced with her, bought her drinks, and hogged all of her attention.  But, it seemed she was having fun.  Ha ha.  His friend Brandon became my friend and we had a good time talking, but not really hearing each other, because it was so loud.  Numbers were exchanged ! What?!  I know, wild!

Photos from the Night of fun!

We got home at 4... slept until 7am and then had to get up for the Bridal Shower at Tamara's Mom's house.  Needless to say, no sleep was truly had the entire weekend, but we sure did have a memorable time!

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