Friday, June 7, 2013

Rock n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon and Mumford and Sons!!

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to run the Rock n' Roll San Diego Half Marathon.  It was my 12th on my road to 50 by 50.  It happened to leave me completely ruined, much like my first half marathon in 2010... The Long Beach International.  It took me a couple of days to recover from this one.  I came down with some awful calf and shin cramps at mile 8 and I could barely walk for a while, but I powered through.

I generally finish around the 2:50 mark and I have been tirelessly trying to move that to 2:45, but to no avail!  I did get one of my worst times at this race 3:11... ugh.  It. Makes. Me. Sad.  But, I do believe that I will get over it.  Oh wait, I am over it.  I always remind myself that I do these races for myself.  There was a time when I did not think I could accomplish such a task.  Any run seemed hard, but I jumped right in with a 5 k and then I did the Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run, a 10k.  People told me that they didn't think I could do it.  This just fueled my fire.  And look at me now!  Twelve half marathons completed!  A full marathon completed!  Numerous 5k and 10k runs completed!

Perhaps we should not get into the habit of telling people what WE think they can and cannot do?!

Any way, I go to do this race for free, because my best friend's mom organized the entire thing through her work, Kohl's.  They essentially sponsored us and 11 others to do this race and we raised $22,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, through Team in Training.  Pretty cool!

All 13 of us finished!  Many thought that they could never do something like this, including my friends mom.  But she did.  They did!  All it takes is one step, followed by another and then you are at the finish line.

You sure learn a lot about yourself in a long race like this.  You fight yourself the entire time.  It is true that you are your own worst enemy... at least it is true for me.  And when you cross the finish line, you discover, that you are not as weak as you and others might think.  And where are those other people by the way?  Oh, what's that?  They are at home warming up the couch!  Often times people telling you that you cannot accomplish something in your life, are saying these things, because they cannot or choose not to do so in their own lives.

This post was not meant to have a message!

So, onto some photos from the race!

I worked the expo for Superhero Events LLC and I got to meet Olympic Marathoner Meb Keflezighi!

The Kohl's Team in Training crew.

My best friend's mom (in purple) and me with some photo bombers.

We felt safe at the start and finish line, because San Diego Police had a birds eye view on everything!

Some sights from the run.

My friends love to play disc golf, so I had to take a picture of this.  The course was HUGE!

My friend's mom. (Sorry, I forgot to rotate before I loaded!)

Immediately after the race, I drove 2 hours home, to see Mumford and Sons in concert!  I took my mom and it was truly an amazing experience.  The guys are extremely talented and they sound the same live as they do on their album... actually, I am going to say that they sound better!  They played so hard and maybe said 10 words to us outside of song playing.  They stopped after playing for 2 hours straight AND THEN they came out and did 3 more songs for their encore!  It was so great!

Their stage was simple, but it played into the experience of their powerful playing, sound, and presence.  I cannot clearly express with words how great this concert was.  If you ever get a chance to see these guys in concert, I suggest that you do so.

All elements of this show were perfect and I loved every moment.  We also met some pretty cool people near us.  Did I mention we were in the 6th row?  Ahhh!  Love!

(The video feed above the stage was done in black & white and cepia tone, which was pretty neat too, since they were in color and all.)

Soooooo  Gooooood!!!!

The mom and me.




So good!

Now get out there and buy their albums and become fans, like me!

Sigh No More

You will not be sorry!

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