Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Counter and Green Street Restaurant

One of my best friends lives in Pasadena and sometimes we go out to eat.  I recently got to try out The Counter and Green Street Restaurant.

The Counter is a great burger place!  The prices aren't too terribly bad and the food is great.  I had a suer delicious chicken burger with a bunch of toppings.  When you arrive, you are given a clipboard that has the menu and a paper for you to place your order on.  This paper lets you select whether or not you want to have a bun (Multiple options), or bun free.  You get to choose what type of meat you would like and how much of it.  There are then about three sections of toppings, from cheese, to eggs, to sauces.  Your burger can be everything you want and more!

I really liked it and their parmesan fries are soooo good!

At Green Street Restaurant, I had some delicious whole wheat pancakes with berries and crispy country fried potatoes.  Super good.  A great atmosphere.

Check them both out, if you can!

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