Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Book in Review: The Pirate's Desire...This Book Is On Fire!

Ok, ok... no books are actually on fire and if they were, I would be extremely sad about it. I love to read! I have been quite impressed with my book reading abilities over the last few years. In fact, I have met my Goodreads challenges, or exceeded them, in the last two years!

I had a goal of 30 books for 2014 and I read 35-1/2 books! Yes, this is me tooting my own horn. Toot, toot! Ha ha. This year, I have decided to have a goal of 35 books. I hope that I can meet this challenge. One never does know what the year will hold. It is so early in the game.  If you love to read, I suggest that:

1. You go to Goodreads right now... this very second!

2. Check the site out. Look up books that you love. Look up books that you want to read. Get a feel for the site.

3. Get a Goodreads account!

4. Set your own 2015 reading challenge!  You won't be sorry!

Something that I love about Goodreads, other than the community of readers, the ability to track what I have read and what I want to read, and personal recommendations based on what I have read and what I want to read, are the free giveaways! Some people, I have learned, do not know about the giveaways, so I say, "Check them out!"

Alright, this was not meant to be an entry about Goodreads.

I recently read another Jennette Green book. I cannot get enough of her. My friend Rachelle introduced me to her books with, 'The Commander's Desire'. Oh my goodness. This book! So good!

I will say that I have never been disappointed with a Jennette Green book and so, I recommend one of her newest, 'The Pirate's Desire'.

The Pirate's Desire was a really good and quick read for me. I enjoyed the story line. I just wish that Lucy wasn't such a brat. While reading this book, I could not get the most amazing mental picture of Riel out of my head. Of course he is a rugged yet drop dead gorgeous man (Way more good looking than the guy on the cover!). Now if only I could find one in real life. Until then, I'll stick with books. Ha ha. By reading this book, I am once again reminded how important communication is. In all relationships, not just romantic ones. Riel and Lucy are meant for each other, but they spend most of their time fighting the truth. Riel feels that he is not good enough, but if he just came clean about his past and if Lucy embraced what she felt, sooner, then there would not be a book to read.

I recommend this book. So get on it! Start reading it, now!

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