Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Laundry Pod and the Best Drying Rack!

How many of you have to do laundry at the laundry mat? I do and I really do not like it. At all. My entire life, I have been able to laundry at home (except when at university). I find it tiresome to lug all of my clothes to the mat, wait for machines to open up and having to sit there waiting for everything to wash and dry. I also find it quite annoying, that I spend $2.25 or more on one load of laundry.

The laundry mat is expensive, time consuming, water eating, and electricity abusing! Ha ha. Not that I have any true feelings about this type of establishment. About two weeks ago, I was on Pinterest and I was reading a pin for people who live in small spaces. It was a list of items that would be beneficial in a small setting. An item called the 'Laundry Pod' was among them and I checked it out. I looked up reviews on amazon and decided that I needed to get it. By owning this device, I could do small loads of  undergarments, and a little of this and that when needed, instead of waiting to gather more items for a full load at the laundry mat. Also, if I needed it right away, I wouldn't waste $2.25 for an extremely small load of laundry.

I ordered the pod last week and I picked it up from the post office, today. I also ordered a drying rack, from Best Drying Rack. I found them a while back, when researching things that were made in the USA. This took just under a week to be shipped to me. I am over the moon happy with shipping time for both items.

I used the pod and the drying rack today. So easy! I was able to wash two loads in less than 30 minutes!  Amazing! I purchased the green pod, because it was cheaper at the time. At the moment, as I write this, the white laundry pod is cheaper.

The Laundry Pod

Laundry Pod- Amazon

Best Drying Rack

The Laundry Pod is small in size, so, like the best drying rack, is easy to store! Which is perfect for my itty bitty teeny tiny apartment.

Small and compact. It fits on my kitchen sink! (Which is really small, btw.)

This small basket can hold 9-10 items depending on size. (I fit a ton more.)

This handle pops up for spinning and the hose is stored underneath the pod and is easily removed for draining.

I got all of this washed in just two loads!

The drying rack folds up to about 8"x27" and opens to 52"x38" tall. It's amazing and I love it. I hope that if you live in a small space and dislike going to the laundry mat, every singe time you need to wash something, that you will check these items out. I hope that they are a huge help to you, as they are for me!

If you don't like what I have to say about the laundry pod, here is what the box has to say:

A portable environmentally friendly washer

Go where laundry has never gone before

Saves you money
Convenient for small loads
Less water and zero energy
Hand washables and delicates
College living
Outdoor living
Urban living
Nautical living

I just wish that it was made in the USA. This is it's only downfall, for me.

That is all. Thanks for reading!

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