Thursday, May 19, 2011

Country Singing Men

I was raised on Country and Oldies.  Although, I have ventured off to pop, rock, alternative, folk, indie, and many other genres of music... these are two genres that I always turn back to.  A while ago I purchased Chris Young's Album:  The Man I Want to Be.  I loved it, I listened to it all of the time.  I sang long, hard, and loud in my car.  I didn't care who saw or heard me! I was wholly dedicated to his album and his swoon worthy voice! Swoon worthy indeed... what a great voice!  He can really get those deep notes that make you fall in love with him.  Ha ha.  I recently started listening to that album again and it makes me think why I ever rotated it out of my 'currently listening to...' stash.

If you want to hear some good music, with good stories, listen to this album.  It is so good!

I got this album image from:

I think you should also check out Lee Brice.  I bought his small EP off of iTunes a couple of years ago and now he has a full length album out.  I am sad that 'More Than a Memory' is not on that album... one of my favorites off of the EP.  His songs are fun and heartfelt, you'll just love 'Love Like Crazy' which is also the title of the album.  Have fun listening!

album image from:

And please... never forget the smokin' Dierks Bentley!

album image from:

He sings as good as he looks and I love every single one of his albums and know them by heart!  I still remember when I first heard 'Feel That Fire' in the car, Ahhh!  Soooo good!

Here is his latest album and one of my faves:

Up On The Ridge

Happy Listening!

(P.S.- Jason Aldean is pretty rockin' as well!)

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