Monday, May 23, 2011


I happened to go to karaoke on Saturday night with my best friend Tamara.  We went because:  1. It is fun.  2.  Who doesn't like karaoke?  3.  We are rock stars.  4.  It is free.  5. We are trying to end my shyness around guys.  6. WE ARE ROCK STARS!!  7.  No one else will karaoke with me.

I posted two songs earlier that I want to sing at karaoke, but I didn't actually sing them.  We barely got to sing at all because there was a college graduate party going on.  Booo... I  mean, yay education!  But, boo sooooo many people.

The first time I did karaoke with Tamara, we rocked it with 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen, but some college kids beat us to it this time around.  So, I chose 'Papa don't Preach' by Madonna, thinking I chose 'Life is a Mystery'. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.  We were both trying to get the beat of the song, but we kept stumbling over the words.  Ha ha, it was quite funny.  This was an hour into our time at the venue, because the dj had too much to drink and kept letting college kids sing 9 songs in a row, before pulling from his song tickets.  Once again, boo!

After failing with our Madonna song, we wanted to redeem ourselves, so I submitted song tickets for 'Life is a Mystery' by Madonna and 'Man I Feel Like a Woman' by Shania Twain.  Two hours later we got called up for the Shania Twain song, but were completely skipped for the other Madonna song.  Crazy!  That was no matter in the end because we brought the house down with 'Man I Feel Like a Woman'!!  We got compliments and it was awesome.

Not too long before leaving a group of guys came in and one guy was really cute.  I feel like we met eyes a couple of times, but who can be quite sure.  Anyway, there is absolutely no way on Earth that I could ever go up to a guy and start a conversation.  It is some horrible disease I have... when there are attractive men around, I cannot make eye contact, I cannot talk, I cannot smile, I break out in nervousness, and my palms probably sweat... and apparently I make faces that shout "LEAVE ME ALONE!"  This is no good, if I ever plan on meeting a possible date/ boyfriend/ husband, someday.

Needless to say, I was nervous, but I was trying to be more smiley.  Gosh, it is so hard to remember all of the things I should do when I am working on the things I shouldn't do.

Well, Tamara and I decided to leave.  She used the restroom on the way out and that is when I had the sudden inclination to give the cute guy my business card... but I just couldn't do it.  Get this, I had Tamara give it to him for me.  I am ridiculous!  She went over to him and said this, "Excuse me, my friend is too shy to come over herself, but she thinks you are very cute, and she would like me to give you her card.  Call her if you would like."  He said, "Which girl is your friend?" (Tamara told me of this conversation)  This is when I see Tamara point over to me, he looks and nods, I try to smile, but I do not know if I succeeded... an then it was all over.

I couldn't believe I did that!  I am so not like that!  And now I am so nervous that he might actually call!  Ahhh!  I feel like a fool... unless he calls... then I will feel awesome!

Tamara is such a great friend...I probably would not have done that for her, but then again she is newly engaged, so I wouldn't have to.

A list of things that we saw/ experienced on the way to karaoke and at karaoke:

1. A girl mad dogging me/ shoot daggers at me while Tamara and I were eating FroYo, I couldn't understand this.  We were there before her and her boyfriend.  We never spoke, I didn't look at her, I didn't push her, or even poke her in her eye.  It was all very odd.

2. A young Asian lady with crazy eyes!  We think she was on something beside alcohol at the karaoke venue.

3. 5 raccoons in the dumpster.  I feared rabies!

4.  A drunk guy pick up a girl while she was singing a karaoke song... followed by his dropping of the girl... more like body slamming her on the edge of a step.  My heart stopped.

5.  Me losing my mind for the cute guy (he's probably 12), which would make his beer drinking illegal.

6.  A great night bike ride around Oceanside!

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