Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oceanside Eats

I do not go out to eat often... but I do sometimes and that is the basis of this quick story.

A few weeks ago Tamara, my mom, and I went to a little eatery on Coast Highway, here in Oceanside.  It is called Kealani's.  It is the home to some delicious Hawai'ian cuisine.

Tamara and I went there for a second time today and I again had the katsu chicken.  Excellent choice.  However, my thankfulness for this meal had a brief stop... when I tried their Voo Doo sauce... also labled Hot Hot Sauce.  I thought, "It can't be that hot... can it?  Well, they do have two 'hots' written on the bottle."

Sure, I'll give it a try... I'll douse my bite of chicken in it.  That is always a great idea, when trying out hot hot sauces.

Worst idea ever!  I don't think I  have ever made a worse judgement.  My mouth was not only on fire, it burned with a hot hot firey passion for almost the entire amount of time it took me to eat my whole meal.  Why on Earth would anyone make a concoction so darned hot??  You can't even taste the sauce, you just taste your cells dying!

Luckily Tamara and I made our way to Petite Madeline Bakery.  It recently opened up in this area of Coast Highway, however, they have another location about a 5 minute drive from here.  We have seen the preparation for this joint for a while now and I am so glad that it is open.  We went in for dessert and dessert we got!  I tried this amazing Raspberry Macaron (almond) cake.  My goodness! It was filled with almond greatness and the raspberry added a lovely note.  Tamara had this flavor packed, three tiered cheesecake type of deal.  The top layer was lime curd, the second layer, cheesecake, the third layer, key lime pie!  It was truly delicious!

Not only was the dessert amazing, but we had great service as well and we will definitely be going back!  Check out one of the Petite Madeline Bakery locations yourself!

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