Sunday, July 1, 2012

The World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run

On June 9th my friend Wendy and I ran the Camp Pendleton Mud Run for the fourth time.  It was once again a lot of fun.  The river crossing was bone dry, which was ok with me, because normally we have to swim across the river... trying not to kick or be kicked in the face.  So, having the water an inch deep instead of up to my neck, was quite a good thing.  However, it was overwhelmingly hot without that brief swim in the river (lake).

The t-shirts were almost identical to last years, which was kind of disappointing.  The colors and everything!

My friend Rebecca came along and stood in the place of my mom, who had to work.  Rebecca was awesome, she helped watch my stuff and kept my towel dry when I was in the Hog Wash.

The Hog Wash:  The coolest  and best new showers that Camp Pendleton has to offer.  There are three or four sections and each section has enough space for two lines of people.  As you walk through, you come in contact with different types of water spray.  A plate of water, a side spray, some from the ground.. etc.  It made for a fast rinse off.  You definitely still need to shower once you arrive at home.

All in all, another fun visit to the base!

I have never got anything in my eyes during this race before, but to to the excessive dryness of the day, bits of sand/ rock were being flung by shoes left and right... straight into my eyes and unfortunately, this very cute Corpsman had to rinse my eyes out.

Photos from before the run:

After the race, Rebecca and I headed to Balboa Park and we visited the San Diego Museum of Art.  A good day, a good day indeed!

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