Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some Surprise

A few years ago, this was one of my favorite songs.  It is off of the album 'Cake Sale', which is also just a great album!  Check the song and the album out.

I was really heavy into The Frames, Snow Patrol, Lisa Hannigan, Ben Harper, Damien Rice, etc. then and I still really enjoy their music.  If you enjoy this, then you will probably like music by Glen Hansard (The Frames, he's in the movie The Commitments and it is fabulous, The Swell Season), and The Swell Season!

Some Surprise

The Cake Sale album was part of the Make Trade Fair Campaign (I didn't realize this was the cause when I bought the album!) in Ireland, in 2005.  This brings me to my next topic, Fair Trade.

It was definitely some surprise to me, that I did not know about Fair Trade before, but it has recently come to my attention via friends from college.  I have been so shocked to find out that giant chocolate companies like Nestle, Cadbury, and Hershey's buy their cocoa and beans, etc. from farms on The Ivory Coast and in Ghana.  These farms typically pay their farmers hardly any money at all and they also have their farms harvested by young children and women. This is why we get chocolate for such a cheap price here in the states.

If you would like some alternatives, from companies that give their farmers a fair wage for their work, check out:

Equal Exchange (I just started getting my baking cocoa and chips here)

Ripple Brands Collective (I think they are at Costco)

Read up on Fair Trade here:  Fair Trade USAFair Trade Federation

And don't forget to look for Fair Trade logos on the products that you are buying!

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