Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stepping it Up

From October 1st- November 1st we had a contest at work.  Every member of the staff was given a pedometer and we were encouraged to take as many steps as possible during the month long contest.  Immediately people were saying that that is not fair, because I would win, due to the fact that I am a runner (they have legs too, right?  What is stopping them?).  Little did they know that I am in the biggest running dry spell that I have ever been in and that I would suffer for a cold for the entire month (and beyond!  It has been two months! My longest relationship!).  So, we all went off to count as many steps as possible.

Boy, if you want to see the ugly side of your co-workers give them a competition like this.  The complaining!  The claims of cheating!  It was never ending!

The average amount of steps one should take in a day is 10,000.  This ensures normal health, supposedly.  I wanted to get more than that per day, because I thought for sure that I would get 10,000 at work alone.  I spend most of the time in my class walking around to all of my students.  However, I found out that my average was between 7,000 and 8,000 steps.  I also found it very hard to encourage myself to go out and get those extra steps in, once I had gone inside my house after work.

I knew I would not win this competition, because a co-worker walks her dogs every day and dances the night away with her kids, but I still gave it my all because my students were really into it.

Over all, I registered 232,557 steps... plus the countless others I logged when I forgot to wear my pedometer.  I mean I danced the night away at a wedding!  I walked through Los Angeles!  I am pleased with these results.  I am also pleased with the fact that my waist line is a little smaller, because I was getting out there and stepping it up.  As I move on from this contest, it is my goal to keep on trying to get those 10,000 steps per day and if I am lucky, I will get more.

Get out there and step it up!  It really is fun (at least for me) to see how many steps you take in a day!

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