Monday, June 16, 2014

Old Light = Fancy Planter

Yesterday was Father's Day and my mom and I went to my gramps' house and took him out to breakfast.  Afterward, we went back to his house and we helped him with things around the house.  This included me changing a light and shattering the new bulb on the ground.  Hooray!  My gramps did not want the old cover on the light anymore, so I asked him if I could have it.

I had a great idea in my head when I first saw it.  I just knew that it would make a great planter for a succulent or a cactus.  I had some left over gold spray paint from a project that I did for my school.  Things were coming together!

Here is what the cover looked like before, cleaned up and painted:

Here it is with a new plant and some plant friends:

I decided to go with some ivy instead of a cactus, because they need good drainage and this light has no holes on the bottom.

Here are four easy steps to making this yourself:

1. Find old light cover
2. Wash/ dry it
3. Spray paint it any old color you would like
4. Put a plant in it!

So simple, and cute!

*Both photos taken by me:  Tiffiny H.*

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