Monday, June 15, 2015

My Bon Appetit Journey: One year of Bon Appetit Recipes

For the last year, I have been baking my way through the Bon Appetit Desserts Cookbook. I have always wanted to do something like this and since I have essentially been baking my entire life, I thought, why not jump in?

The last year has been fun and I shall continue with my cookbook efforts. This process should honestly take me over 12 years to complete. There are 631 pages in this book. I have already gone through the entire book and marked each year off, so that I can see what I am supposed to be doing.

What does year two hold? More cakes!! Year three? Some more cakes, cheesecakes, and pies! I am looking forward to year eight, which will be filled with ice creams, granitas, sorbets and the like... or maybe it's years eleven and twelve with cookies and candy!

I didn't make it to 52 recipes, but 23 is a pretty good effort!

Follow the links below, to take to you each of the recipes baked, in the last year:

1. Classic Pound Cake *

2. Deep Chocolate Pound Cake

3. Kumquat-Cardamom Tea Bread *

4. Hot Fudge Banana Pound Cake

5. Cornmeal Pound Cake with Rosemary Syrup, Poached pears, and Candied Rosemary *

6. Vanilla Chiffon Cake *

7. Angel Food Cake with Strawberry-Blueberry Sauce *

8. Orange-and Vanilla-Scented Bundt Cake

9. Apple-Spice Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze *

10. Maple-Walnut Cake with Maple Glaze *

11. Raspberry-Yogurt Cake

12. Coconut Bundt Cake with Powdered Sugar Glaze *

13. Almond Butter Crown

14. Chocoloate-Apricot Kugelhopf with Chocolate Swirl Whipped Cream

15. Blueberry Coffee Cake

16. Spiced Crumble Cake With Chocolate Frosting

17. Sour Cream-Orange Coffee Cake with Chocolate-Pecan Streusel

18. Poppy Seed Coffee Cake with Cardamom Streusel *

19. Raisin Streusel Cake *

20. Cherry-Vanilla Tea Cake with Vanilla Sugar *

21. Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

22. Chocolate-Pecan Coffee Cake *

23. Texas Sheet Cake

*Family, friend, and neighbor standouts!!

I have enjoyed many of these cakes myself, but a couple that really stand out are the Kumquat-Cardamom Tea Cake, the Cherry-Vanilla Tea Cake with Vanilla Sugar, and the Coconut Bundt Cake with Powdered Sugar Glaze. Mmm mmm mmm!

I hope that you try a few of these recipes out. If you do, let me know what you think about them! I'll continue to bake my way through the Bon Appetit Desserts cookbook. It's going to be great!

Also, if you are interested in baking fair trade, I get my chocolate chips and my cocoa from Equal Exchange. Check them out! They sell a lot of great items. If you are in the mood for other fun chocolates (rice, quinoa, or sugar), check out Alter Eco.

** Remember that you are able to print these recipes out, by clicking on a link and scrolling down to the bottom of that post and clicking on the print button.**

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