Monday, August 31, 2015

Retro Mouse Stuffed Animal

My mom recently went through her sewing box, tossing the items that were no longer needed. Whilst doing this, she came upon a pattern she purchased when she was a teenager in 1973! The pattern is for a precious mouse stuffed animal, eating a piece of cheese. I decided to make this yesterday, for my friend's daughter who will be turning one next week.

Though the directions were a bit vague, I persevered! I'd like to give an out of this world shout out to my great grandma Esther, who taught my mom how to sew and to my mom as well, for teaching me how to sew when I was in the sixth grade. I've made so many quilts and fun little things like this mouse because of this skill. I shall treasure it always!

I never got to meet my great grandma, as she passed before I was born, but I believe that there is a connection to her as I sew her patterns and bake her delicious recipes!

My great grandma had enough foresight to copy the pattern onto parchment paper. I doubt she or my mother thought that it would be made 42 years later! Here is the cute little mouse. I still need to sew the mouth and teeth on, but I'd say that it looks pretty nice so far.

(Secret shout out to myself for keeping fabric from every project I have ever done. It makes spur of the moment projects like this so much easier! My mom would have thrown every scrap away by now. Good thing I don't live with her. Ha ha. The blue fabric was from the curtains that I sewed for this little girl's nursery just over a year ago!)

Photos of the entire process are below.

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