Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Getty Villa and The Getty Center

When I was in college, I went to the Getty Center Museum a couple of times and I loved it. Over the summer, my friend Josiah and I decided to make a special trip to the museum again. However, we discovered that J. Paul Getty also had another museum called The Getty Villa. Neither Josiah or I had ever been there. So, we visited both in one day! I've wanted to share these photos for a while, but things have been a bit hectic. I was finishing up my second masters course, I quit a teaching job that I have had for four years, I got hired at a new school (we are in week three with students already!), and I'm moving! Ugh. Talk about change! I suppose it is best to get it all done at once.

Anyway, here are the photos!
(All photos were taken by me, except the one where I am pictured with Van Gogh's Irises. Please ask before sharing any images. Thank you.)

Me and Josiah enjoying the outdoor portion of The Getty Villa.
The photos below are of many of the different floors at the Villa. I loved them.

The atmosphere of the Villa, below.

(I used Instagram Layout for this photo.)

It was a lovely misty and mystical day outside.

The below photos are at The Getty Center.
I was enjoying the foliage.

Check the museums out:
If you go to both in one day, you pay for parking at one location and get free parking at the other!

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