Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Few Things...

I have been a bit bad with my posting as of late, but it is all good, because I am about to update you like I've never updated you before.  Here it goes:

1.  I went for a run with my friend Wendy on Memorial Day.  She lives not too far from the National Cemetery in Riverside.  (It was so great seeing all of the waving flags at each headstone.)  I had no idea that every Memorial Day thousands of bikers (motorcycles) ride by with flags and horns and end their ride at the National Cemetery.  So, it was a great surprise when I saw a bunch of them speed past us on our run.  It was also great to see that there are still some patriotic people out in this nation of ours.  The streets were lined with families and individuals that still find it important to get out there and show their USA Pride!

2.  At the beginning of May, I was asked to make cupcakes for the Senior Prom at my school.  I was given this information:  A Night in Paris, 50 cupcakes, May 27th, 6:00pm.  Well I took this and I ran with it.  I made four types of cupcakes.... Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, peanut butter and jelly with peanut butter frosting, chocolate with 'the best frosting you've ever had', and strawberry with strawberry frosting (using a pound of strawberries in the batter and a pound in the frosting).  They all turned out great and  I am thankful to my Mom and family friend Diane for helping me make the frosting and frost a few of them.

Peanut Butter and Jelly


Red Velvet


Everyone really liked the cupcakes... so I hear, which is great!  A friendly reminder:  Don't forget to add baking soda to one of your batches of red velvet, because they really, really, really won't rise.

3.  The same day as Prom, I went to see the Goo Goo Dolls with my friend Allison.  We had fun.  Seeing them reminded me of high school.  They are old rocker dudes now, but they still play very well.

4.  I went to dinner a couple of weeks ago with my friend Rebecca.  We went to the Yardhouse.  I had never been there before.  I had the BBQ cheddar burger, which is pretty good because I generally get grossed out by meat and it is hard for me to try new burgers.  Well, it was so good that it made me want to eat meat all of the time!  Ha ha.  I won't be doing that, but still, it was really quite good!  We also  saw:

 I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time.  If you haven't seen this, please do.

5.  I applied for the Art job that is possibly opening up, at the school, that I have worked at for a year and a half.  I hope I get it, because I really want to be teaching Art.  That is what I went to school for after all.

6.  My grandma would have been 81 on May 31st.  I wish she could have made it to that date.

I am going to post the next two happenings on their own.  Except one isn't happening until this weekend, so it might be a week or so before it gets posted.

Enjoy your week!  I know I will be... only 3 teaching days left and then I am off for the summer!  Look out Oceanside... Here I Come!

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