Friday, November 25, 2011

27 Years ago

Twenty- Seven years ago, tomorrow, my mom was 27, married and giving life to her second and last child, me.

Now that I am going to be twenty-seven myself, it is hard not to make comparisons of our lives.  I will be exactly half her age tomorrow.  That is wild!

At 24 my mom had my brother.  At 24 I was a college graduate, had traveled around the world, and had completed my teaching credential, but was still in need of a job.

At 27 my mom had done some college, had two children, and was most likely in an unhappy marriage.

At 27, I have finally secured a teaching job that I love, I am marriage-less... boyfriend-less for that matter and do not see husband, nor child in my immediate future.

I wonder often how lives turn out the way that they do.  My mom did not really make bad choices in her life, that I can see, and neither have I.  So, why then does one lifestyle lend itself to one, more than the other?

At 27 I am happy with my life, but am hoping to be married with children before I am 35.  This is not a request, but really and truly just a hope.  These are the only major things that I have yet to accomplish/ reach in my life.

You'll see tomorrow, that there are still many other things I would like to do in my life.  I am really looking forward to my 27th year.  I think it is going to hold many great things for me.

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