Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Book in Review: Gone with a Handsomer Man

I just finished reading 'Gone with a Handsomer Man' by Michael Lee West... literally, like 5 minutes ago.  I got this book for my mom as a Christmas gift.  She read it quickly and passed it on to me.  I am glad that she did.  Yes, it is a quick read, but it is fun.  I did not know what to expect, because I had never read one of Michael Lee West's books before.

I do not like when I find out things early on in the book.  In this one, I didn't figure stuff out until just before the book revealed it to me.  I have read that other readers figured out the whole story at the beginning and they were sad about this.  I am glad this did not happen for me.

I believe that I was in the mood for a light read and this did the trick.  I am looking forward to reading other books by Michael Lee West and definitely her sequel to 'Gone with a Handsomer Man' titled 'A Teeny Bit of Trouble'.

If you would like to read a quick and fun Murder mystery, pick up 'Gone with a Handsomer Man'.

3 out of 5 stars, I liked it

Here is a list of Michael Lee West's other novels:

Crazy Ladies
Mad Girls in Love
American Pie
She Flew the Coop
Mermaids in the Basement
Consuming Passions (A food memoir)


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your nice words. Since you're a reader, would you ever like to participate in Food for Thought? It's a blog and an online bookclub, open to all. It's the brainchild of my friend, Jain.
    The members post "edible" reviews, which is great fun--there's a book list on FFT's sidebar for 2012. Hope you have a good week!
    MLee West

    1. Michael Lee West,

      Thank you for commenting on/ following my blog! I actually follow Food For Thought already, I just have not participated yet. I hope to do so soon, though. I hope you are well. Happy writing!