Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My blogaroony

It is hard to believe that I have had this blog for a year now!  I was so hesitant in the beginning to even start a blog.  I am glad that I did start this journey, though because it is pretty fun and there is an entire world out there of amazing blogs!

For a year, I have been dying for someone to become a follower of my blog.  No one... not a single soul.  Then, after reading 'Gone with a Handsomer Man' and reviewing it here, I got a comment... from the author herself!  How awesome is that?!  And she, Michael Lee West, became my first follower.

I am over the moon.  I never knew getting a follower would be so exciting!  To top it all off, I gained a second follower today.

Thank you so much ladies.  I appreciate it!

1 comment:

  1. Wow congratulations Tiff! I'm gonna check that book out now, it looks like a good read. You have a gret blog girl, you just need to get out there. New follower ;)