Friday, February 17, 2012

Lukas Nelson and Jimmy Cliff

A few weeks ago, I won two tickets to see Jimmy Cliff at the Belly Up Tavern in Carlsbad.  Wednesday night was the event and I was happy to take my friend Tamara.

Reggae?  Yes, I enjoy reggae.  My mom was a huge fan of Bob Marley, so I grew up with that influence.  However,  I never really claimed my like for this musical genre.

I do not know if it was the venue, the people, or all of it combined together, but I had quite an enjoyable time at the show.

It was an acoustic night, which is always pretty awesome.

Lukas Nelson, son of Willie Nelson opened up and played some great songs. Some he wrote, some his father wrote, and some the Beatles wrote.  Lukas can really sing and play the old guitar.  He is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

Jimmy Cliff was fantastic.  For being in his 60s he sure can belt out those high notes and his lung capacity is amazing!  Tamara and I were right at the stage... with the exception of one tall guy standing in front of us.

Jimmy's drummer was crazy and really got into moment.  My body has never been rocked harder than it was with that drum going straight to my bones.  I thought my heart was going to malfunction, that's how hard the sound waves from the drums were hitting me.

Thanks to Sophie 103.7 for the tickets!  A great night was had.

Lukas Nelson

Jimmy Cliff

Unfortunately these are not the sharpest photos, but that is impossible to do when you cannot use flash photography and your are bopping up and down/ swaying to the music.

I have a few videos as well.  But, I cannot get them to load here.  Boo...  :(

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