Monday, April 23, 2012


Do you like color?

Let me rephrase that... do you like being doused with color?!

Then you have to find The Color Run in a city near you.  I signed up for this race about a month ago and boy am I glad that I did.

I ran the race yesterday and it was so much fun!

As you are running, you go through color stations, where cheery volunteers throw, squirt, toss, splash dyed corn starch at your face, your armpit, your ear canal, etc.  Ha ha.

As a 1/2 marathon runner, I know the pressure that comes along with running races.  Well, the pressure is off here.  This race is designed purely for the love of color and fun. I loved that there was no timing going on.  You were forced to forget about setting a record.  You simply had to run joyously through clouds of color.

Sounds great right?  Well, if you need more convincing, look at the photos below!

We started out so clean... and boring...

The best after party!

We finished as a beautiful canvas of color and joy!
(This is but a glimpse of the amazingness!)

My friend Wendy and I loved it so much, we already signed up for the San Diego run!

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