Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kodak Theater: Iris

On April 7th, Saturday, my mom and I travelled to Hollywood for the first time in a long time.

We did not go, just to go, oh no!  We had an agenda.  First things first, we of course had to eat.  A doctor from my mom's work is a Foodie (yes, my mom used that term).  She told us that we had to eat at Loteria, a Mexican restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard.  So, we took her for her word and tracked it down.


It was a pretty nice size inside and even had a nice selection of outdoor seating.  I liked the open kitchen, but what I enjoyed the most, were the giant cards that decorated the entire place.  They had a picture of something and the Spanish word for that thing.  They were fun for conversation.

My mom had the chicken suiza enchiladas and I had the same thing, sans the chicken.  They were good (just not as good as Oscar's suizas) and they had a cute little white cup of black beans and a mound of rice, to complete the meal.  I think I would go back, if I had the opportunity.

After dinner we walked back down the boulevard to Kodak Theater.  We had a little time to fill, so we were going to take a look at the shops just outside of the theater.  And that is when we saw it...  Crumbs Baker Shop! Yes!  When my friend Zach got married in NYC last year, he got colossal cupcakes from Crumbs, for each table. Each in a different flavor.  They were so fun and just a really great idea, in which I have been in love with for a few years now (a cake at each table, that is).

We popped inside in Honor of my good friend and my mom and I each got a cupcake.  I got one called 'The Good Guy'.  It was a vanilla cupcake with a marshmallow? filling.  It had a buttercream frosting, drizzled with white chocolate and doused with a rainbow of sprinkles!  My mom got their red velvet cupcake.  It had a butter cream frosting and had a rim of white sprinkles and the center had red velvet crumbs.

(I will post photos later.  I still do not have the internet at my place.)

While we were ordering our cupcakes, a man walked in and ordered an iced coffee.  He was in a yellow shirt and jeans, and it appeared that he was wearing quite a bit of eyeliner.  This did not seem odd to me, because just outside the door there were people dressed as transformers, Marilyn Monroe, Elmo, etc.  But, I did notice him.  Also, at this time I was telling the Crumbs worker about my friend's wedding cakes and she did not care one bit.  Sad.

The man paid for his coffee and left, we paid for our loot as well and scouted out a good location to eat these massive cupcakes that cost $3.95, by the way. Once a bench was located, my mom dug in and I took photos, of course.  Talk about a sugar rush!  My cupcake was so good, but I couldn't finish the last few bites, for fear of going into a coma.  Ha ha.

We made our way to the theater and we sat down in the second row... the second row!!  Now, Iris is a Cirque du Soleil show and I had never seen one before.  To be honest, I was quite excited, but I didn't really have a true understanding of what to expect.  Once the show started, I focused on some of the dancers a mere three feet from my face.  And to my surprise, who did I see on that very stage, but the man I saw in the coffee shop!  He was without his yellow shirt and was then donning a suit of armor.  All throughout the show, I tried to find him.  Just before intermission, I noticed another face... none other than Mitchell from 'So You Think You Can Dance'!  I really enjoyed him on that show.  He is a very good dancer and I am happy to know that he is getting to do something that he loves.

During the intermission, I was telling my mom how I wish that I was amazing at something in my life, like these people were at dancing, stunts, and performing.  She had no ready response of something that I am good at.  So, I think I am not very amazing at any one thing... which means, I should now devote my time to becoming amazing at something.  However, I did suggest that I am a very observant person and that I am good at placing people, even if I have only seen them once in my life... even for seconds.

I don't think that is much of a talent, but I was grasping at straws and I'll take what I can get.  Ha ha.

Anyway, back to the show!  It was spectacular!  How these dancers move, how they fly in the air, how they twist, bend, fold, leap!  It truly was something to see.  Some guys would climb up other guys and then they would all stand up on each others shoulders... just when you think that is cool enough, the top guy would jump off and do a series of spins and things.  Wow!

Iris is an homage to film.  It is funny and fun.  There is audience interaction (quite entertaining at that!).  Just a great show overall.  It is only showing at the Kodak, so if you want to see it, you are going to have to make your way to Hollywood.  And if you take anything I say as truth, you ought to start packing your bags now!

P.S.-  I found photos of the cupcakes at Crumbs Bake Shop.  I was pretty spot on with the description of the cupcakes, but I cannot believe that I forgot to mention that 'The Good Guy' cupcake was funfetti!!  Also, it was actually filled with more of the frosting.  You can read about all of their cupcakes by clicking on Crumbs Bake Shop, within the first sentence of this paragraph.

Yeah, so good!

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