Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Wedding and Another Move

Well, after a year of helping my best friend Tamara plan her wedding, it has come and gone.  It was a good Sunday wedding and Tamara was so happy... she also looked fabulous.

I moved the day after she got married, which was kind of hectic, since I was a maid of honor and had duties to fulfill.  Luckily, I had packed everything up early, so when moving day came along, things were ready to go.

I'll post more about the wedding and the move once I get settled, as I have no internet currently.  Thank goodness my mom's place is only a few blocks away, now.  Her internet is really nice, but I will be glad to use it within my own home... if my neighbor ever moves her van out of the way, so that the cable guy can set up my service.  He came yesterday, with no luck.  :(

See you all soon!

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