Thursday, December 5, 2013

Candy Grams

We have been in the middle of a huge candy gram sale at school for the past two weeks.  We always do this as a huge Christmas time fundraiser for leadership.  This year we decided to make wild rainbow reindeer and  peppermint candy canes with chocolate covered marshmallows.

They have been selling like hot cakes.

Here are the rainbow reindeers:

Photo by:  Me, Tiffiny Hargrave

My students worked really hard to make these today and I think that they turned out really well.

If you would like to make some of your own here is the supply list:

Fruity candy canes
Colorful pipe cleaners
Small googly eyes
Small colorful pom poms (for the nose)
Elmer's glue
Hot glue gun and glue, if you are doing the gluing and your kids or students are not.

We folded the pipe cleaners in half and then about 1-1/2 inches down, we cut the 2 tips off.  We then took the folded pipe cleaner and twisted it around the candy cane a few times.  Once that was secure, we then folded each tip in half and twisted one on each antler that is already secured to the candy cane. Put tiny dabs of glue (or hot glue) on the eyes and stick them on.  Now, put a small dab of glue (or hot glue) on the nose and stick it on at the bottom of the curved end.

I think the wild colors really make these a ton of fun, but the great thing about these is that you can use any type of candy cane and colors that you wish!

** I suggest you use a more permanent type of glue, other than Elmer's.  We had some eyes fall off.  So, the hot glue would be perfect, but if you are working with kids, perhaps Krazy glue... but that seems equally dangerous to me.**

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