Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Should I Call These?

In my last post, I mentioned that I made some reindeer candy grams, in addition to some other ones made with candy canes and marshmallows.  If you want to make these as well, check out the supplies below.  BTW, this is a very easy treat to make... that is if all of your candy canes aren't broken like mine!  Well ok, they weren't all broken.  I needed 62 (ended up with 70), so I bought 6 boxes of 12... many were broken, thus leading me to buy a total of 96 candy canes in order to fulfill my duties as the leadership teacher.

What should these be called?  My student showed me a picture and then I decided in my brain how I could make them, but I am sure they already have a name.  Hmmm....

Photo by: Me, Tiffiny Hargrave

Supply List

2- bags jumbo marshmallows (1lb 8oz.)

3- 12 oz. bags of wilton candy melts (I used light cocoa)
70 -peppermint candy canes
Festive sprinkles and or candies
Parchment Paper (plastic wrap)
Cookie sheets (1-2 depending on how many you are making)
Treat bags
Cute tags

** Amounts can easily be adjusted to the amount that you wish to make. **

1.  Prepare candy melts according to package directions.

2.  Stick a candy cane into the middle of a marshmallow.  Repeat until all candy canes are in a marshmallow.

3.  Dip the candy cane/marshmallow into the chocolate (candy melts), using the candy cane as a handle and sprinkle with your choice of festive decorations, straight away.

4.  Place the treat onto a lined cookie sheet (I generally prefer parchment paper, but I just ran out before making these, so I used plastic wrap and it worked excellently well.)

5.  Allow to harden.

6.  Wrap up and give away!  Hooray!

Any ideas for names?

Peppermint and chocolate covered marshmallow sticks?

Peppermallow treats?

I have no idea what these should be called!

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