Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Hats

I recently discovered the blog, 'The House That Lars Built' and that blog lead me to 'Studio DIY'. One of Studio DIY's last posts was actually written by the gal at 'The House That Lars Built'. Wild, right?! Anyway, Thanksgiving hats were featured on the blog and they were so cute, that I had to make them. Luckily, the school that I teach at has an annual Thanksgiving feast, before we all head off for our short holiday break. I decided that my family class would make these and sport them at the feast, as head pieces and boutonnieres.

We finished all of the pie accessories up yesterday.  At first, I was curious as to how one makes the form of a triangle, because the directions on Studio DIY were a bit vague. I looked around Pinterest and came across DIY Individual Pie Slice Box by The Proper Pinwheel. A template is provided. I printed this template out and it was so small. I find it hard to believe that a piece of pie can actually fit inside of it, unless it is enlarged. However, the small size was perfect for my class craft.

The great thing about this craft, is that it is so easy to make... and all you need is paper, glue, scissors, and some ribbon!

If you would like to make these, yourself, I suggest that you use the Proper Pinwheel template combined with the directions on Studio DIY. I love the idea of making holiday hats with family and then wearing them all day. It seems like so much fun!

Go and create! Good luck!

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