Monday, February 21, 2011

Meeting The Pioneer Woman

I have always loved to cook.

I mean, I have been in the kitchen in some way since I was two.  Whether that was pouring in the chocolate chips or stirring the soup.  I enjoy cooking all types of dishes, but I especially love to bake.

One day, I was perusing the internet and I cam across The Pioneer Woman and I thought it was such an awesome site.  I soon became slightly obsessed with reading all of her blog posts and of course reading her recipes and trying some of them out myself.  I have since joined Tasty Kitchen and have shared some of my own recipes as well.

Cooking does so much for me, it is a way for me to calm down and a way for me to show love.  I always enjoy brining a special treat to an event or baking a pie for Christmas.

Because I find the Pioneer Woman so awesome, I was stoked to find out she was doing a book signing in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago.  I went straight to The Grove after work.  I sat in a ton of traffic and thought for sure that I would not make it in time for the signing.  Well, I got there around 6: 40 pm... and because The Pioneer Woman is so nice, she stayed until every last one of us had our books signed.  I of course forgot my copy of her cook book, but I did remember her book, 'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels'.  She was extremely nice and told me that she enjoyed my outfit.  I asked her about Rodeos, because I am trying to get my friends to go with me to one.

Ree said that Ranch Rodeos are the best.  So, I'll have to check one out sometime soon.

Here is a picture of us meeting:

Here is my signed Title Page:

I am so gad to have met her and I will continue to post recipes on Tasty Kitchen, but I will also be posting my recipes on this blog as well.  

I will also be posting picture of craft projects and quilts that I do as well.

Until next time!

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