Friday, February 11, 2011

The USO (United Service Organization)

The USO is a great resource to those many men and women in uniform, also to their families.  I am lucky to be a volunteer at the Palm Springs USO in California.  I am always so happy to be of service to those who protect our freedoms.  My volunteering has nothing to do with my stance on the war, or previous wars, or wars to come.  I just truly believe that we must support other humans that put their lives on the line, daily.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think it is necessary to support military personnel?  Or do you find that they do not need that support?

Let me say, that when I offer them a place to sit, a snack, a smile, they are extremely grateful.  They are happy to have a moments peace in the USO lounge.  A time to rest their feet and perhaps their weary hearts.  And when I say goodbye to them  when their ride or flight has come, I thank them and without a shadow of a doubt they say, "No need to be thanked, I am happy to serve my country and the people in it."  Now that is something to be grateful for.

May your love for our country be renewed in you!

Please have a peaceful weekend!

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