Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Palm Springs Half Marathon

Boy am I tired!  Whew!  Today, my best friend Stacie and I ran the Palm Springs Half Marathon.  This was our second 1/2.  It was exciting to be out there at first, but that excitement has turned to pain.  Ha ha.  We both finished and had fun, but I am definitely going to be milking my knee for a few days.

One thing that got me threw the race was that there were a few cute Marines along the way!  Boy howdy!  They sure do get me every time!  Let's just say they look just as good running as they do in their uniform.  Ha ha.

Here is Me and Stacie before the race:

Here we are getting ready for the race:

Posing with our medals:

An up close view:

We have decided to try and run 50 half marathons by the time we are 50... only 48 more to go!

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