Monday, February 21, 2011

Saying, 'See You Soon'

My good friend's husband is leaving in the morning from some port, in some state, to some where.  He is a Marine and will be away from his wife and two kids.  He will be gone for quite some time and his children are so sad to see him go. This is just another good time to realize that our military personnel and their families go through so much.  May we always keep them in mind.

I am excited to hang out with this family while he is gone.  His wife was an answer to a prayer.  I have been living in a town with my grandparents, because they live 5 minutes from the school I teach at.  However, that is where the greatness ends.  I know no one here and I am consistently bored and at 26 that is just not cool at all.

Yes, I devote time to volunteer work and hanging out with my best friends... but all of those options are at least an hour away.  As much as I love hanging out with my best friends, it is taxing always being the one to drive out and meet them.  They never want to drive out to me.  :(  I prayed to meet someone and that's when I befriended a co-worker at my school.  Her brother-in-law ran a boot camp type class at a local park.

So, I went to the  work out camp at the park and met my now good friend.  She is so welcoming, funny, kind, and shares the same religion.

I am happy to spend time with her and the kids.  I think I can be of help to her while she is trying to get everything a mom and dad does, done by herself.

So, to Mr. Marine, I say, "See you soon, be safe and I'll keep an eye out for your family!"

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