Friday, October 21, 2011

The Post Office

I often find myself at the Post Office.  I love to send letters and notes to friends and family and I also ship a ton of cookies to military personnel through an organization called 'Baking GALS' and another called 'Tell Them Thanks'.

So, it is no surprise that I often buy stamps.

The other day I went to my new post office and asked to see their stamps.  I enjoy picking out a new stamp every time I go, you know, to mix things up.  The Post lady only brought out holiday stamps...  Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

I asked her if those were the only stamps they had at the moment and she said yes.  I didn't feel like purchasing a holiday stamp just yet.

Before I could tell her this she pointed to the Kwanzaa sheet... which was missing two stamps, and she said to me, "If you want these, I can get you a new sheet."

I guess because I am Black (half Black), that means I celebrate Kwanzaa.  Ha ha.  Sometimes, people are really dumb.

Since I am only half black, I guess I only half celebrate Kwanzaa...  I use 3-1/2 candles.  (The only reason I know they use 7 candles for this holiday is because of a book I read for my children's literature class in college.)

This is when I would like to shout...  My mom is White!!  My most of my family is White!  And you are really dumb!  Come out from underneath that rock... right now, open your eyes, the sky is blue and some Black people don't celebrate Kwanzaa!

P.S.-  I always thought Kwanza was spelled just like that Kwanza...  I was very wrong.  It is KWANZAA.  Never forget that second 'a' after the 'z'.

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