Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Live United.

Every day as I drive to work, I pass a couple of billboards.  They simply state, "Different by nature, united by mission".  Everyday, I am intrigued and vow that I will find more information about them... everyday I forget.

When reading a magazine the other day, I found an ad, and it was the same as the billboards.  It turns out, that they are all part of United Way.  Pretty cool!

I think it is always important to find an organization that has been around for a while and see that they are still doing great work, after all of these years.  United Way started in 1887 and is still going strong.

As an avid reader and educator, I am very excited to see that to this day, education is a main priority of theirs.

Check out their site:  United Way. Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Live United.

How are you going to live united?

I know I am going to check out their stuff and I am for sure getting a Christmas ornament or two for friends and family... which will help support their work in 41 countries world wide!

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