Monday, March 12, 2012

The Czech Republic

I am going to be going on a mission trip to the Czech Republic in July, with my church.  I am co-leading the team with our new young adults pastor.  We will be leading an English camp in Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic for high school students and young adults.  In order to raise funds we are doing several things.

1.  Baskets at a silent auction.  My basket is not a basket, because I do not like the idea of spending a bunch of money to make money.

2.  Community service (cleaning churches, homes, etc.)  We will be working at the paintball course at Camp Pendleton for 4 hours in a month.  We are looking for more opportunities like this.

3.  Support letters.  I am sending out 62 letters to family and friends.

I believe that the money will come in, but it is hard waiting for it to come in.  At times it can become very stressful.  I remember this from my mission trip to Brasil, just after my senior year at Azusa Pacific University.

Take a peek at my 'basket'

This piece will be up for auction, starting at $25.
I really want to keep this for myself! 

This piece no longer exists, because it became the piece below.

This piece will also be on auction for $25.

I will also have a couple of pies up for auction and some other baked goods.  I will have a list of sweets that people can purchase and have them delivered to them at a certain time throughout the year.  I think this will work well for birthdays, holidays, etc.

Here's to good/ fun fundraising!

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