Thursday, January 10, 2013


So far this year, I have:

1.  Seen the Rose Parade for the first time.  Only took me 28 years!

2.  Hung out with great friends.

3.  Made tinted mason jars.

4.  Started working on a quilt I began 5 years ago.

5.  Visited my good, dear friend Tamara in San Diego and got a bonus hang out with my other good, dear friend Nicki.

6.  Had a fun karaoke night with Tamara.

7.  Rested.

8.  Felt the urge to clean out my portion of the storage unit.

9.  Listened to a lot of music, as always.

10.  Had dance parties in my apartment.

11. Prepared myself to go back to work on Monday.

12.  Organized crafting/ painting/ sewing stuff.

13.  Had fun!!

2013 is off to a great start!!

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