Friday, January 18, 2013

Spirit Project

Last week, I got an e-mail from Netflix, which is normal, because I have long been a subscriber to their movie and TV show services.  But, this e-mail was different:

I sent along the following information and the photo below:

Name:  Tiffiny

Age: 28

I have been a Netflix subscriber for three years or so.

I am a high school Art teacher and I love working with my students, but sometimes, it is nice to open my mailbox, grab my movie and sit down and relax.  Netflix makes that possible by shipping the movie straight to me, which allows be to be as lazy as I want.  It is even better when my friend and I are catching up on 'True Blood'.  We can be watching disc one on her account and I already have disc two on the way!

I was thinking to myself, "Perhaps they will choose me.  I am hip and cool."  Ha ha.  Well, low and behold, they moved me to the next round.  I then had to make a video and send it along to them on YouTube.  Now, I have a YouTube account, but I signed up for it in 2010 and have never used it for videos.  I had my friend at work film me a few times, but it was really horrible.  I was nervous, even though I was speaking to her and my phone.  Awful, just awful!  That night I filmed my information twice and just decided to send my second video.  Now, I do not think it is great at at all and in fact, I did not think that they would choose me after this.

At this point, I was under the impression that it would be a Netflix commercial or ad.

Here is my awful video:  Tiffiny's Horrible Netflix Video

I was supposed to find out today, if I got the gig, but I found out last night.  

And...  I got the job.  I learned these things today when the casting producer called me:

1.  I was chosen out of thousands of submissions!

2.  It is not going to be a commercial after all.  It is going to be a video, to thank all Netflix employees.  What they choose to do with the material beyond this video, is up to them.  So, it could be part of an ad or something, in the future if THEY so choose.  This in house video will be seen by thousands of Netflix employees.  Crazy!

3.  I get 6 months free on Netflix!

4.  Here is what they said to me in my last e-mail:

Dear Tiffiny,

The Neflix producers loved you!  Please email me your phone number so I can personally call you and discuss filming Saturday and if you're available to come up from Redlands.  


All in all, this is a pretty exciting thing to take part in.  It is my goal to start a side career in commercials this year and this is the first step.

Here's to stepping completely out of my comfort zone!

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