Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Loving Me Some Josh Groban

Josh Groban...

What can I say?  I have enjoyed his music since he first came out.  I have all of his major records.

For some reason, I just now discovered his great sense of humor and I must say that I quite enjoy it.  If you want some of his classics, check out his first two albums.  If you want a more modern take of his style of music, you will want to check out 'Illuminations' and his new album 'All That Echoes' comes out February 5, 2013.  Not too long of a wait!

Check out his first single from 'All That Echoes':

I really enjoy it and think you will too.

Here is a music video of his that I like:  'If I Walk Away' from Illuminations

I'll post about Josh Groban's Garden and the Find Your Light Foundation later.


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