Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Book in Review: Waiting for Wren

Well, I have finished this book. First, I would like to thank Cate Beauman for giving me the opportunity to read her work as part of 'First reads' (a signed copy!). Not only did she send the book along, but it came with a bag of Dove chocolates and a pen. Awesome! So, thanks!

If the timeframe in which I read this book tells you anything (1 day... or 10 hours once you cut out sleep and work), you should read this book. I enjoyed the mystery, I enjoyed the connection between the characters. I had the bad guy picked out, but Beauman did a good job of convincing me that it wasn't him. But, in the end, I was right! I didn't really realize that this was a romance novel until I reached the second half and there was a bit of sex. However shocking that was for me at first, I got over it and didn't let it overpower the story line.  And what is life without a little romance every now and again, even if you have to read about it?  I don't have any romance in my life, so this is the route I shall take, for now.

There were some side characters in this book that were the stars of the show, earlier in the series. I now have the pleasure of going back and reading the first four books, when money and time permit.

I recommend this book if you want a fun, easy mystery to get you through your day!

4 out of 5 stars, I really liked it

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