Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Book in Review: The Shoemaker's Wife

Thanks to my friends who know that I love to read and support the nerd in me, by supplying gift cards to books stores, for my birthday!

Five words sum this book up: It is so, so sad.

The book has three part and each part is home to a particular sadness... a sadness that increases in each part. Though it was sad, I really enjoyed reading this book. I was captivated. It makes me want to visit Italy even more, now. It also reminded me that life is quick. Love those around you while you can.

A tragedy in Enza's life leads to a chance meeting with Ciro and so their story begins! Most of it takes place in America once circumstances bring Enza and Ciro over from Italy.

This book gave me a list of baked goods to try out, so it wasn't all sadness. Though I did cry a lot (not as much as Firefly Lane, last summer), I recommend this book!

Photo by: Tiffiny Hargrave

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