Monday, March 21, 2011

Beauty and the Beast Three Ways

Me and my mom are finishing up our third season with the Pantages Theater is Los Angeles... at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.  There have been some really great shows!  To name a few:  Fiddler on the Roof, Mama Mia, The Color Purple, In the Heights, Riverdance, Young Frankenstein, RENT, The Lion King, and West Side Story.  There were also some bad ones, like Grease, Dirty Dancing, CATS, and Legally Blonde.  But, all in all I have enjoyed my time with the Pantages.

I will miss riding the metro in to LA... seeing all of the wild people and getting slightly freaked out by random people that come up to me and say awkward things.  Ok, so I will just miss riding the metro.  I know that I will probably go to a few shows next season, but overall it is seeming like a not so dynamite list of shows.  Billy Elliot and Wicked (which I have seen before) will be my two choice shows.

Anyway, we are finishing up the current season... just 2 more shows, Burn the Floor and Shrek the Musical.

On Friday night, my mom and I got to see Beauty and the Beast.  To be completely honest this is one of my favorite Disney movies and I was a little nervous about what the show would bring and undoubtedly leave out.  As it turns out I was happy to see the show.  I believe that they cast the characters extremely well and each person did a great job perfecting their role.

I would have to say that my favorite character in this show was Gaston.  I don't enjoy him so much in the movie, but the actor had fun with the role and it really showed.  I recommend that you see this show if it comes near you.

Disney: Beauty and the Beast, the Musical

The musical was the first way that I saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend.  The second way was through a movie... a modern take on the story.  My best friends mom and little  (She's almost 17) sister were up.  I told Amanda that I would take her to see a movie and oddly enough she chose to see 'Beastly'.  I had not seen any previews for the movie, but  I had my suspicions that it was a re-make of a timeless Disney classic.

Being that I am no longer a teenager and I have never experienced love, I find that I may be slightly jaded when it comes to campy love stories.  I believe in love, I know it is out there... that it can happen, but I would prefer to experience it than watch it on the silver screen.  Is this wrong of me?

Anyway, it was a cute movie and Amanda really liked it.  It was right up her alley.  Here is the poster for the movie:

Because I had been submerged in a Beauty and Beast weekend without really knowing it beforehand, I decided that I would watch the Disney cartoon version as well.  I love this movie!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast...  Disney

I love this movie not only for the great songs and the humor, but because it shows us that it is important to think of others instead of ourselves.  I think the latter is the most important and it is also something that perhaps is the hardest to accomplish at times.  What do you think?

Go catch some of Beauty and the Beast yourself...  it'll be fun!

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