Sunday, March 6, 2011

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Have you heard of Nalgene bottles?

I. Love. Them.

I got my first Nalgene bottle in high school, circa 2000. It was green and it was from a camp I went to every summer and was a babysitter for.  My second Nalgene bottle, I got when I worked at a camp for summers while in college.

Well, in light of all of this BPA information coming forth, I just got rid of both bottles.  This was very hard for me because these have traveled with me to other countries, they have gone on vacation with me, they have kept me hydrated while camping... etc.

I am sad no longer!  I got on the Nalgene bottle website the other day and am now awaiting 3 new bottles... that are BPA free!!  The more I read about BPA the more I wonder why it was ever used, with possible ties to cancer and birth defects and an assortment of other ailments.

Here is a quick look at the bottles I purchased.

This is the same size as my green Nalgene from high school, but this one glows in the dark!

This narrow mouth bottle is the same exact color and size as my bottle from college!

This was super cute and on sale!

This fits inside your wide mouth bottles, so you don't spill on yourself, which I do often.

Nalgene has options for every person and every lifestyle.  There are options for kids as well.  The great thing about Nalgene is that they last forever and they are really inexspensve.  Oh, and they are made right here in the USA!  Please check them out here: Nalgene

I cannot wait for my new bottles to get here!!

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