Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby!

As usual, many people I know are out having babies and being generally happy about life and being married and all of the good stuff, whilst I am still single and alone.

However, this time around, one of my best friends is in the mix and I like to make fun things for my friends... especially when they are having babies!

I originally thought of making my friend a layette, but I decided to just make some burp rags and a quilt. There are so many burp rag tutorials available on pinterest and to be honest, you probably don't even need a tutorial. I thought of just sewing rectangle burp rags, but decided that the one I found from Homemade By Jill would be super cute!

Burp rags are fast and easy to make! The amount of material suggested by Homemade By Jill, allowed me to make 8 burp rags. So, I have four for my best friend (her shower is in 2 weeks) and I gave the other four to my co-worker. She had her baby last week, Sunday, and the rags arrived just before, on Wednesday. Phew!

I chose a super cute fabric with hedgehogs and another one with owls and nature-y stuff, for my tops. I went with one fabric for the backing of all of the burp rags, and that was a lovely neon green polka dot material. I think that they turned out pretty well and if you are looking for something fun to give to a friend who is expecting, I think that these would be a good idea!

Ahh! I am so pleased. These are so cute and turned out really well. I just can't get enough of those hedgehogs!

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