Thursday, September 22, 2011


This photos was sadly borrowed from:
Please do not judge me because of this.

This summer, I was walking back into downtown Oceanside from the pier.  I was about to cross the street when this black low rider sedan with deep purple detail drove by.  Some might call it a hooptie.  There was definitely some music being bumped within those doors.

As it was passing, in my head I said 'Purple!"... what came out of my mouth was entirely different and I believe because I said it so loudly, that I scared the man walking near me.

I shouted out, "Piiiimmmp!!!!"

I am guessing that I really had a mental moment and decided really quickly without me knowing, that it must be a pimp driving that vehicle.  It was the perfect vehicle for a pimp and no one in their right mind, other than a pimp would ever drive a car like that.  It looked like one of those fancy hats with the feather in them.

I mean, it was PIMP in every essence of the word.  I think the brain is amazing, because it made me shout something that in the end was oh so obviously true!

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