Monday, September 5, 2011

A Summer of Concerts

I love music.  I always have a song in my head and I feel like I enjoy so many different sounds.  I don't generally go to many concerts, because they are expensive.  But, this summer I broke my own rules!

I started out with The Goo Goo Dolls with my friend Allison.  They came out to Temecula and played at Pechanga Casino.  Boy, that took me back to high school.  Their music was definitely a part of my growing up.

As you know, Monica and I got to meet Gavin De Graw, that came along with a mini personal concert and it was amazing.

My mom and I have been following Matchbox 20 since the beginning and we finally got to see them!  What a treat!

To celebrate Monica's birthday, we went to KBIG 104.3 myfm's 'My Big Night Out'  which had three acts for the price of one:  Gavin DeGraw, Train, and Maroon 5.  I love Maroon 5!  I have listened to them since my freshman year of college (2002) and their stuff is still great.  It was nice to finally see them live.  Adam Levine.  Whew, that's all I can say.  What a great performer and good looking guy.

Last night I ended my summer of concerts with Ben Harper.  My friend Nicole and I only had to pay 6 dollars each and we watched him play for 2 hours and when we left... he was still playing!!  I love his music.  I am all about being able to feel one's emotions through song and Ben Harper is the master of that.  Although I know much of his music, and own a couple of his albums, he only played a handful of songs that I know.  Overall, it was still a great display of true musicianship.  He played the steel guitar like no ones business!

Here are two of many Ben Harper songs that I love:

Better Way

With My Own Two Hands

Here's to the Arts!

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