Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Third Camp Pendleton Mud Run

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that I started running because of the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  In case you were curious if the Mud Run really contains mud, the answer is, yes!!

Me and my mom.  She's been to all 3 runs, to cheer me on!

Oh, look how clean and pretty we are...

Enter MUD, lots and lots of MUD!  Ahhh ha ha ha!

As well as, walls to jump, a river to cross, a slippery slope to climb, hills to traverse, ankle deep dirt, and creek crossings.... as well as some more mud!

This is the final mud pit, you must crawl under all of those flags before making your final steps to the finish line.  It is always rewarding to be at this point.

This is our third Mud Run with Camp Pendleton, but our second together.

I wasn't eating the mud... on purpose...

If you want to check this run out next year go to their site  Camp Pendleton Races.  They have a bunch of races, but the only one I have been crazy enough to try is the Mud Run.  If you feel that you must run this race, you literally have to sign up the 1st second after you ring in the new year.  This race sells out that fast!  Good luck and happy running!

P.S.- You can look at all of the cute Marines... I mean awesome machinery.  But while you are looking, you might as well thank them, the Marines, not the hummers for all of their hard work!

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