Sunday, June 12, 2011

Running and Running...

At the beginning of 2008 I started running.  I had discovered the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and my friend and I signed up for it, thus starting my running career.  I didn't want to look like a fool in front of all those gorgeous Marines.  That would be just plain wrong.

The Mud Run is a 10k (6 miles and some change).  The longest run I did in preparation for my October 2008 Mud Run was three miles.  I was dead after the run.  I had horrible cramping in both calves, so in the final mud pit, I pulled myself through with just my hands.  But I finished!!  (Maybe due to some tough love from a young Marine who shouted at me, "This isn't the Mud Walk, it's the Mud Run!!")

It is hard to believe that this run was so hard for me, and that I was so exhausted that I could not even eat after the run.

I started running with one of my classmates while we were getting our teaching credential and that lead to other small runs, a few 10ks here and there.  What I didn't know is that ultimately we were building up for something even bigger.

Back in October, I ran my first half marathon (Long Beach, Oct. 17, 2010) with my best friend Stacie and I said I would never do that again, but then in February, I ran another half in Palm Springs (Stacie too).

Well, last weekend, I ran my first full Marathon!  That's right, I ran the San Diego Rock n' Roll marathon on June 5, 2011.  Stacie ran as well, but we parted after the bathroom line, ha ha.

My mom cannot understand why I enjoy running so much and to be honest I don't know why either.  I played 11 years of soccer growing up and I was not a fan of running then.  Something has changed in me I guess.  Well, whatever it is I am glad.  I feel healthier and more fit.  I also feel quite accomplished.
Supposedly only 1% of  the people in the world has run a marathon and now I am a part of that 1%.  Not too bad if you ask me.

My Race Bling!

My first marathon bling!  It really is quite heavy, but it sure looks nice!

Heading to the starting line.  I believe this is Balboa Park.

Getting geared up!

Some Street art along the race route.  I think this is very fun.

We were running on the 163.  If there were cars here, we would be running against traffic... while the 1/2 marathoners were running with traffic.

There were supposed to be 47 bands along the race route...  I think I saw maybe 10, which is sad, since this is the Rock n' Roll marathon and all.  Here, on the 163 we had a drumming group.  They were pretty cool.

Mile 13 and feeling fine!

Some of my favorite signs, lucky for me they were all in the same place!

Only 6.2 more miles to go!  This is where I walked for 5 miles.  I met a girl in the same boat as me and from mile 20 -25 we encouraged each other.  At mile 25, we ran in... she a little faster than me.  But, we both finished!!

Here we are at the finish (Stacie and Me).

Never in my life did I think I would run a marathon... but I have.  I thought it was impossible, but it wasn't!  I encourage you to strive for the impossible, because once you get there, you'll find that it is not impossible after all and all it took was a little hard work.  Now get out there and achieve all of the 'impossible' things you want to!

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