Saturday, July 23, 2011

Annual Not Quite the 4th of July Party

For the past four years, I have gone to my friend Stacie's sister's house for a party.  It is the weekend just before the fourth of July.  It is always a bunch of fun.  of course there is a theme and we all must bring delicious treats.

Here's what I enjoy at the party:

1.  Some sort of outfit contest.
2.  Some sort of food contest.
3.  Playing with the wii (although, we didn't do that this year).
4.  Good people.
5.  Good fun.
6.  Good food.

This years theme was Luau and I think we all did very well with our attire.

Stacie and Monica looking Luausome!

Cute straws.  There were islands too.

Stacie's mom made this watermelon into a fun centerpiece... it held chopped fruit!

I made this Coconut cake.  It is from Sweet Gratitude.  It was pretty good.

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