Friday, July 15, 2011

Grapes, GRAPES, gRaPeS!

My grandparents...  My gramps has a lot of fruit trees on his property.  Lemons, grapefruit, plums, Oranges, and Nectarines run rampant!  However, there is one thing that I find to be more amazing that all of those wonderful fruits, and that is the grapes!

Whoever owned the property before my grandparents purchsed the place, had planted all of these great things.  I am very greatful to that person, because I literally get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I don't know about you, but I do not know anyone that just has grapes growing in their backyard.  This is why I find my gramps' grapes to be so amazing.

Every year they grow in bunches and bunches.  Sometimes they are green and sometimes they are red.  I don't really understand how that works out, but it does.

I cannot wait for the grapes to be ready!  I hope to make some cool stuff with them.  Perhaps a grape preserve or conserve.  I'll have to find some sort of grape dessert to try out as well.

Last year, our nectarines and plums came in fast and in droves.  It was hard to keep up.  I made so many great desserts and I also made a plum sauce (like apple sauce, but plums instead of apples), I made plum pie...  the list goes on!

Come on grapes!   Get here soon so my cooking and eating fest may begin.

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