Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Del Mar (San Diego) Fair

The last time I went to the Del Mar Fair, it was actually called the Del Mar Fair... not the San Diego Fair.  I was three or four at the time and all I remember is that my dad took me on a ride that I did not like one bit.  In fact, I cried and he got them to stop the ride, so I could get off.

That was twenty three or twenty four years ago.  Now that I want to go on the rides, I choose not too, because they are a rip off.  The amount of tickets they require turns out to be something ridiculous like 5- 10 per ride and they do not last very long.

But, who goes to the fair for the rides?  I go for the food.  I actually did not eat much food there.  Boo.  I had some tasty chili cheese fries made with criss cut fries.  YUM!  Tamara ate... a... chocolate... covered... corn... dog!!  Ew.

We saw baby llamas, sleeping goats, fluffy bunnies, silly guinea pigs, and goats... lots and lots of goats.

We walked around the exhibit hall and watched others ride the rides and heard a few country singers sing a song or two.  We got to check out the art show too. 

We saw prizes and beautiful and large flowers.

We posed as chocolate covered bananas and how could I forget!...  We saw a cute baby chikadee.

All in all, I'd say we had a lovely time at the fair.

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